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Jaeger-LeCoultre Proto Zero replica watches by the watchmaker carefully crafted prototype of the original Jaeger-LeCoultre is located in the Swiss Ru Valley plant collection treasures, and now bear a more important mission series after testing and renovation to ensure the function of the Proto Zero limit Prototype watch in the brand new opening of the Hong Kong 1881 exclusive sale of the store, each sold a "Proto Zero limited prototype", Jaeger-LeCoultre will donate the price of 10% of the seedling fund to support the Foundation to protect Charity work for children and adolescents under 18 years old

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The Jaeger-LeCoultre is very honored to be able to present this far-reaching project to Hong Kong collectors and connoisseurs, to support the protection of children and adolescents by our unique work, "We are very honored to avoid the charity work that has been sexually assaulted! This Proto Zero Zero Limit Prototype Watch' program is also an important project for our family members to join hands with our supporters.

With the launch of the Proto Zero Charity Program. Mr. Guillain Maspetiol, Chief Executive Officer of North Asia, said: "Jaeger-LeCoultre is honored to announce that the Proto Zero Charity Program has been a great success over the past two years and is grateful to Hong Kong collectors and connoisseurs for their support for the program. Funds to protect children and adolescents from sexual abuse. The Proto Zero program is an important and iconic step forward in the implementation of social responsibility, and will continue to support philanthropy in the future a force.

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