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Jaeger-LeCoutre Master Date replica watches In 1900, Jacques-David LeCoultre, the descendant of Antoine LeCoultre, took over the family business, and he further pushed Jaeger-LeCoultre into the world. 1903, the Swiss watch industry has the wind revealed that from France, the French Navy exclusive watch division Edmond Jaeger (1858 - 1922) with an exclusive ultra-thin movement design, to Switzerland to find the ability to produce manufacturers. Jacques-David LeCoultre (1875-1948), who was the founder of the watch factory in the LeCoultre & Cie watch factory at the time, accepted this challenge.

In the watch everywhere today, people often do not know the watch in the process of popularization, encountered obstacles and twists and turns. Men in the early twentieth century were quite excluded from the watch, believing that only women would wear watches. In addition, despite the small size of the watch, but still must take into account the earthquake, waterproof and other technical limitations, but also make many watchmakers discouraged. But later in LeCoultre and Jaeger's cooperation, the technical challenges are gradually being overcome, the status of the watch is no longer the same language. As a result, excellent master of watches and clocks have started to develop small size mechanical movement, and strive to aesthetic appearance and technical connotation both, with the watch to the small size and elegant style complement each other.

Swiss Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Date Replica Watches Cheap Price

Jaeger-LeCoutre constantly pursuing the ultimate and better brand connotation. Dial with a retro elegant ivory, hour scale and pointer all the fine hand-polished. In order to show the artistic achievement of a work on every tiny detail, Jaeger LeCoutre specializes in sapphire crystal transparent watch bottom cover, showing Jaeger-LeCoutre Master Date replica watches Tourbillon 39mm movement perfectly. In this latest watch, the tourbillon regulator with a high-precision movement, the movement is equipped with an hourly frequency of 28,800 times the large balance wheel. Master Date Tourbillon 39 Tourbillon calendar watch assembly Jiajia 978 automatic tourbillon movement, with titanium frame and high inertia balance balance wheel. Balanced balance wheel with four adjustable inertial screws, effectively enhance the stability of the adjustment function, and completely free from the impact of impact.

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